Susan Metzger: A Biography of Your Tour Guide

Susan started conducting tours of Salem Massachusetts in the late 1990s, since then she has taken thousands of visitors on tour. She is a leading local contributor to an all important effort to preserve and protect the Salem's history. Her earliest preservation effort can be traced back to 2002 when she co-created a spectacular tour of Salem's waterfront district. Her leadership in the preservation movement continued in 2003 when she co-created the original Hocus Pocus Tours Walking Tour, which she envisioned as a fun and whimsical way to experience Salem's most heroic and harrowing moments. Since then, she has regularly redeveloped the tour, which is now in its fifth version.

Nightly, she brings Salem alive with her expertise of Salem's colonial daily life. Visitors have been enchanted with her depth of knowledge and limitless patience to explain all of Salem intricacies and nuances. She particularly enjoys highlighting the historical significance of the Lapin Park area (the intersection of Washington and Essex Streets) where today a statue of Samantha Stevens (Elizabeth Montgomery) stands. In 2005 she was instrumental in developing a new analysis of Salem's Witch Craft memorial. This new interpretation, has inspired and touched countless visitors since its debut as it is powerful and moving addition, which leaves her guests with a deeper understanding of the Witchcraft Hysteria.

Susan's love for the history of Salem is larger though than the hysteria and she will share with you her expansive knowledge of Salem's maritime industry, stories about Salem's most famous son Nathaniel Hawthorne, show you the city's beautiful architecture, as well as the darker side of Salem which still casts deep shadows across the city's three hundred years of history.

Susan was also lead the development of Salem by Cell, Houcs Pocus Tours newest tour.

Susan is happily married to Richard Metzger, who is an Assistant Professor and Program Director of the Hospitality and Tourism Department at a Boston College. Rich provides his knowledge of the city nightly as well helps Susan and their guests navigate the sometimes tricky tourism industry. They are most proud of their son, Michael, who holds a B.A. in history with an early America focus and a M.A. in education administration, and regularly supports Susan and Richard in conducting research for the tour.

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