About our Walking Tour

The pace of the tour is geared to the slowest guest so that you will never be left behind. Questions are always welcome and encouraged. Each tour is unique as our guide is unscripted. Without a script, our guide can elaborate on what interests you.

Fifteen to eighteen stops line a tour route that begins with the founding of Salem by a group of Puritans. We then move into the witchcraft hysteria of 1692 and talk about how a tightly knit group of God fearing Puritans systematically executed 20 innocent community members, including an 80 year old church going woman. We will also discuss Salem’s brief, but glorious maritime period that led to unimaginable wealth for a select few and lust for masses of others. Following this we will talk about Salem’s most famous son and American literary giant: Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The House of the Seven Gables as well The Scarlet Letter. Lastly, we will spend time on Salem’s modern history, which includes a devastating fire – which some believe, was caused by a 300 year old curse – and numerous visits from Hollywood. Here is a small sampling our stops:

Salem’s Oldest Burying Ground

Possibly the second oldest burying ground in America, the Old Burying point contains some of Salem’s most famous and infamous residents including: a handing judge from the witch craft court of 1692.

Salem Jail

In operation for almost 180 years, the Salem jail is an almost medieval facility that housed the Boston strangler as well as other local criminals.

A Restaruant's Spirited Drink

A Salem restaurant is home to a signature drink named after a ghostly apparition. Find out the story behind the beverage and one of Salem's most unusual dining tables.

Witch Trial Memorial

A moving and poignant stop, the Witch Trial Memorial is a place of reflection and a marker to a 300-year-old tragedy that still haunts Salem’s inhabitants today.

Please note that no evening walking will enter any buildings and you should dress appropriately for the season that you will be joining us. New England can vary from frigid to humid, so do come prepared. Lastly, it is a violation of Massachusetts State Law to enter any cemetery after dark, so we will bring you to the cemetery, but will not enter.